Death from Wild Boar Attack: Report of a Case

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Supawon Srettabunjong
Bodin Padungsat


Wild boar attacks on humans have been sporadically reported in the literature. Some has been injures, few fatal. However, death from wild boar attack is rare and has not been previously reported in Thailand.  Recently, the authors encountered such a death in a Thai male age 38 years old. A laceration wound with 10 cm in length and 6 cm in depth was found over the medial aspect of right thigh, destroying soft tissue and vessel in the area so severe that cause massive bleeding until death. Both the position and the number of the wound were not a typical pattern of wild boar attacks. The definite manner of death was determined by witness at the scene. The present case highlighted such a death, especially in the rut season when male wild boars are so fierce.

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Srettabunjong, S., & Padungsat, B. (2012). Death from Wild Boar Attack: Report of a Case. Ramathibodi Medical Journal, 35(3), 218–222. Retrieved from
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