Appendicitis during Pregnancy in Dumnersaduak Hospital between 1994-2009

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Wichai Kittiwatanakul


This was a 15 years retrospective study of appendicitis during pregnancy in Dumnernsasuak hospital between 1994 - 2009. There were eighteen patients. The gestational stage at diagnosis were first, second, third trimester and post partum period accounted for 33.33, 50, 11.11 and 5.56 percent respectively. The clinical sings of these patients were fever nausea vomiting, diarrhea, dysuria, rectal or vaginal pain and vaginal bleeding accounted for 11.11, 83.33, 5.56, 11.11, 5.56 and 5.56 percent respectively.

All patients had abdominal pain that present with right lower quadrant, right frank and right upper quadrant pain, accounted for 77.77, 16.67 and 5.56 percent respectively. Rebound tender and guarding were 83.30 and 5.56 percent respectively. Leukocytosis > 10,000 cell/ml. was 94.44 percent. Neutrophilia > 80% was 89 percent ant the success rate of ultrasonography was 78.5 percent. All patients were operated within 24 hours of admission without serious complications. There were normal vaginal delivery 83.33 percent and premature delivery 5.56 percent. One patient was delivered by cesarean section with obstetric indication. All new babies were healthy.

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