Professional Nurses' Competencies in Caring of Peritoneal Dialysis Patients, Government Hospitals

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Orawan Khunsumlee
Suchada Ratchukul


The purpose of this research was to study the professional nurses’ competencies in caring of peritoneal dialysis patients. Government hospitals. This research used Ethnographic Delphi Futures Research (EDFR) technique.

The 22 experts consist of the experts in medical nephrology, the nursing educator, and the head of nursing nephrology unit and the professional nursing of peritoneal dialysis, who were knowledgeable, experienced in the research topic. The first round instrument was interview form, the second and third round were the rating scale questionnaires. Items were selected based on the following criteria: 1) median of appropriateness and partially greater than 3.50 2) interquartile range less than 1.50.

The results revealed that professional nurses’ competencies in caring of peritoneal dialysis patients, government hospitals, as rated by relevant experts, composed of 73 items. The items were classified into 7 aspects as followed: 1) Practice of peritoneal dialysis nursing 2) Counseling in peritoneal dialysis 3) Communication, information and technology of teaching 4) Moral and ethic dimension of care dimension of care 5) Development and research 6) Administration of peritoneal dialysis unit 7) Continuing care.

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