Community Participation to Solve Domestic Violence. Study: Cases Only of three Communities, Saraburi Province

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Rakyim Patamasingh Na Ayudhya
Ronnachai Kongsakon
Nisakorn Tantakarn
Sunisa Chongwatana
Umaporn Udomsubpayakul


The purpose of this survey research was to study The Problem of The Domestic Violence and The Participation of 3 Communities in Saraburi Province. The samples of 600 people in 3 communities, 200 people from each community was selected by simple random sampling. The data collection method was questionairs between 20 January and 10 February 2009. The analysis method was descriptive statistics. The results were as follows.

The study found that mostly samples were women 67% from 41-50 years 23.5% , still married 60.3%, income less than 5,000 baht / month 46.6%, general employment 44.2% and 59.7% were single family.

The reasons of violence were impetuosity, fuss / grumble and financial problem 85.3%, 81%, 77.4% respectively. The categories of violence which happened in 3 communities were mental abuse (52.7%) espccially cursing 86.2%, physical abuse (44.2%) such as slap, hit, kick, punch 72.8% and scxual abusc (3.1%) such as rape 9.9%.

The participation of community for solving the problem of domestic violence. The samples showed high score level in these opinions. Community organization should participate with government sector to prevent and solve problem 56%. Community organization should contact one another to form cooperation network (56.4%). Training about domestic violence to community organization should be done continuously with practical (56.7%). Activity to build up the unity in family and community should be done (60%). Working period of management of domestic violence solving committee should not be specified (60.3 %) and solve this problem should be supported from organization foundation and any sector which is concerned (61.7%).

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Patamasingh Na Ayudhya, R., Kongsakon, R., Tantakarn, N., Chongwatana, S., & Udomsubpayakul, U. (2010). Community Participation to Solve Domestic Violence. Study: Cases Only of three Communities, Saraburi Province. Ramathibodi Medical Journal, 33(4), 242–250. Retrieved from
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