Fixed Scale-Referenced Versus Minimal Passing Level-Referenced Scaling Methods for Grading: The Perspective for Practice

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Permphan Dharmasaroja


Setting standards is an important aspect of a grading system, which should be fair, reasonable, practical, and transparent. Distinct types of assessments result in different score distributions and different pass grades, and substantial errors can occur during aggregation of scores from multiple types of assessment. Thus, converting scores to a common grade structure is therefore essential. Different methods for the final grading of a course can cause the potential of disparity in course grades. The present work provides illustrative examples of 2 fixed scale-referenced grading methods and the minimal passing level-referenced grading method to demonstrate the potential of discrepancy of different grading scales. Perspectives for practice are provided.


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Dharmasaroja, P. (2022). Fixed Scale-Referenced Versus Minimal Passing Level-Referenced Scaling Methods for Grading: The Perspective for Practice. Ramathibodi Medical Journal, 45(2), 43–51.
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