Child Rearing of Parents with Child Sexual Abuse Relate to Child Safety

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Saythip Jengtee
Monrudee Chokprajakchad
Yothin Kumsang
Palisara Angsusingha


Objective: To study the relationship between childrearing od patients who were sexually abused as children's safety.

Method: Election for a particular sample of sexually abused children were separated from their families to be covered by the shelter and family to deploy the serviced to Health Child Clinic at Ramathibodi Hospital and between the age of child 5-8 years about 50 cases. Three research questionnaires were used the general information of parents and children questionnaire, child reaing of parents with child sexual abuse questionnaire and child safety questionnaire.

Result: How to care for a parent's love, the warmth and attention are associated with caring for the four factors for sustaining life. To protect the physical and psychological care and careful to not left the kids make friends with risky behavior and that children receive an education appropriate to the age and intelligence of statistical significance p < 0.001. Caring of parents carelessly correlated with the cause harm to children. Using children as tools of exploitation statistically significance p < 0.001.

Conclusion: Child rearing of parents relate to child safety.

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Jengtee S, Chokprajakchad M, Kumsang Y, Angsusingha P. Child Rearing of Parents with Child Sexual Abuse Relate to Child Safety. Rama Med J [Internet]. 2014 Mar. 30 [cited 2024 May 24];37(1):19-26. Available from:
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