Prevalence of Chronic Rhinosinusitis in Rajavithi Hospital Workers, Bangkok, Thailand ความชุกของไซนัสอักเสบเรื้อรังในกรุงเทพ

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Wirach Chitsuthipakorn
Suphitsara Naphapunsakul
Patlada Korwattanamongkol
Kittichai Mongkolkul
Somjin Chindavijak



Background: The prevalence of chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) has been reported to range from 5% to
12% in different parts of the world. However, the prevalence of CRS in Thailand has not been
investigated. Our objective was to determine the prevalence of CRS among hospital workers and
identify any potential problems encountered during the survey.

Methods: Adult workers (>18 years) of Rajavithi Hospital, a tertiary hospital in Bangkok, Thailand,
were recruited. This cross-sectional survey was conducted from September 2021 to September 2022.
The participants were given a link to online questionnaires asking if they had nasal obstruction,
discharge, decreased smell sensation, or facial pain and their respective duration. Phone numbers
and email were asked for contact when needed. The participants who fulfilled the symptom and
duration according to the European position paper on rhinosinusitis and nasal polyp 2020 were
counted as symptom-based CRS patients. These patients were then contacted for nasal endoscopy. The
endoscopic-based diagnosis of CRS was made after positive endoscopy findings.

Result: A total of 1,025 participants (mean age of 33.7 years) were recruited. Of total, there were
34 (3.3%) and 6 (0.58%) participants fulfilled symptom- and endoscopy-based diagnoses,
respectively. Fourteen participants did not respond to calls or emails. Five patients refused to
visit the clinic due to inconveniences. One patient refused nasal endoscopy because of the

Conclusion: The overall prevalence of chronic rhinosinusitis in workers of Rajavithi Hospital, was
3.3% and 0.58% by symptom- and endoscopy-based criteria, respectively. Difficulty reaching the
participants for nasal endoscopy was the leading survey problem.

Keywords: Prevalence, Chronic rhinosinusitis, nasal endoscopy, Rajavithi hospital, Bangkok;

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