A case report: Neonatal infected congenital sublingual cyst with upper airway obstruction

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Arunrat Dumkliang


Congenital sublingual cyst (CSC) is an exceptionally rare anomaly in newborn, with limited case
studies published to date. The occurrence of symptomatic CSC in newborn is extremely uncommon, and
this case is the first reported case of a neonate with an infected CSC leading to airway
A three-week-old female infant presented at the emergency room with symptoms of aspiration
pneumonia and upper airway obstruction attributed to a substantial turbid within sublingual cyst.
Emergency measures included securing her airway by Dual PAP and admitted to NICU. Immediate bedside
intervention involved needle aspiration, revealing a cystic content comprising 18 ml of pus. Over
the subsequent two weeks, the sublingual cyst gradually returned to its previous size.
Consequently, a scheduled marsupialization was performed. The postoperative outcome was favorable,
with successful reversal, extubation on the first day postoperatively, resuming normal oral
feeding, and mild sublingual bulging. The infant was discharged on the third week, and notably,
there was no recurrence of the cyst during the 18 months of follow up.
In conclusion, this reported case highlights the rare occurrence of symptomatic CSC in a newborn
necessitating definitive surgical management. The goal of surgical intervention is to restore
normal function while minimized the risk of recurrence and less of morbidity. This extraordinary
case report serves as a valuable contribution to medical knowledge, motivation the sharing of this
unique clinical experience with the broader medical community.

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