Information For Authors

The Siriraj Medical Bulletin (SMB) aims to promote communication among researchers in the health science. It is published quarterly and accepts the manuscripts in the form of the original article and review article. It is academically double-blinded peer-reviewed and designed for all healthcare personnel regardless of their specialties.


Publication Schedule
Quarterly; 1st issue January, 2nd issue April, 3rd issue July, and 4th issue October


Publication Process

Journal Process

The average processing time is 12 weeks after receiving the manuscript.

❖ Manuscript Evaluation

After receiving the manuscript, Siriraj Medical Bulletin conducts a document verification process for manuscript evaluation by the authors. The editorial team communicates the evaluation results to the authors via email within 7 business days. The editorial decision can be summarized into three categories:

  • If the manuscript is complete and passes the evaluation, the editorial team informs the authors and proceeds to the next steps for publication.
  • If the manuscript is incomplete, the editorial team contacts the authors to reject the manuscript for publication, specifying the necessary revisions. The authors can resubmit the revised manuscript for reevaluation.
  • If the manuscript does not pass the evaluation, the editorial team informs the authors of the decision, providing reasons for rejection.

❖ Manuscript Review Process

Siriraj Medical Bulletin employs a double-blind peer review process, ensuring confidentiality for both reviewers and authors throughout the evaluation process. The review is conducted without bias, personal interest, or preference.

The minimum processing time for one review cycle is 2 weeks.

Authors can suggest up to three suitable reviewers during the evaluation process. However, the journal reserves the right to choose reviewers independently or select from the suggested list.

The editorial team may terminate the review process if conflicts of interest or ethical issues are identified.

❖ Post-Review Manuscript Evaluation

The processing time for post-review evaluation is within 7 business days after receiving the evaluation results.

  • If the manuscript passes the review, the editorial team informs the authors and proceeds to the publication preparation steps.
  • If the manuscript does not pass the review, the editorial team informs the authors of the decision, specifying the reasons for rejection.

❖ Manuscript Preparation for Publication

After the manuscript is reviewed by both reviewers and the editorial team, the authors receive the final typeset file for proofreading.

  • Authors can review the proof version up to 3 times
  • within 2 weeks after receiving the email notification for proofreading, if there is no response from the authors, the journal assumes that no changes are required. The responsibility for any errors or modifications to the original file lies with the authors. Siriraj Medical Bulletin reserves the right to reject any changes or corrections to the manuscript after publication.
  • If any of the authors wish to change/withdraw/add any content, all authors must agree and provide a letter explaining the reasons to the editorial team before publication. The decision of theSiriraj Medical Bulletin editorial team is final, and the journal reserves the right to reject such requests if they are not in accordance with COPE guidelines and the journal's policies.

  • During the proofreading stage, authors should not alter the study results, numbers, or any data that have been reviewed by the peer reviewers. Such modifications may imply an attempt to manipulate, deceive, or conceal information for the purpose of publication (research misconduct).

  • After the proofreading stage and the publication of the article on the journal's website, if authors wish to make changes, they must notify the editorial team within 3 days after the journal's publication. However, the journal retains the right to reject any alterations or corrections to the manuscript after publication. The decision of the Siriraj Medical Bulletin editorial team is final in this regard.

❖ Manuscript Publication and Dissemination

Siriraj Medical Bulletin officially publishes the manuscript on its website according to the publication schedule.


Author Ethics

  • Contribution: A submitted manuscript must be an original contribution, not previously published (except as an abstract)
  • must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere, and, if accepted, it must not be published elsewhere in similar form, in any languages, without the consent of SMB.
  • Each person listed as an author is expected to have participated in the study to a significant extent. Although the editors and reviewers make every effort to ensure the validity of published manuscripts, the final responsibility rests with the authors, not with the Journal, its editors, or the publisher.
  • The results should be presented systematically and accurately without manipulation or false information to make the results interesting. The conclusion of the study should be based on the study's data, not the author's own thoughts.
  • Authors must state all possible conflicts of interest in the manuscript, including financial, consultant, institutional and other relationships that might lead to bias or a conflict of interest. If there is no conflict of interest, this should also be explicitly stated as none declared. All sources of funding should be acknowledged in the manuscript.
  • Patient anonymity and Informed consent: Source with permission or informed consent must be provided when any images or previously published figures/tables are present in the article.



SMB checks plagiarism, using Turnitin, a plagiarism screening service to verify the originality of content submitted before publication. Turnitin checks submissions against millions of published research papers, and billions of web content. Authors, researchers and freelancers can also use Turnitin to screen their work before submission by visiting

Author's manuscript plagiarism percentage must not exceed 20%. If a case of plagiarism comes to light after a paper is published, the Journal will conduct a preliminary investigation.

If plagiarism is proven, the Journal will contact the author’s institute and funding agencies as appropriate.

The paper containing the plagiarism may also be formally retracted or subject to correction.



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