Health Outcomes: Review Literature of a Complementary Health Care by Therapeutic Touch

  • Wannarudee Phuthong Fundamental of Nursing and Nursing Administration Branch, Srisavarindhira Thai Red Cross Institute of Nursing
Keywords: therapeutic touch, therapeutic touch theory, energy field, healing process, health outcomes, complementary health care.


        Therapeutic touch is the process of energy exchange through both the hands of a practitioner without making contact with the body but the hand moving in a different direction and format. The principle of the processes of energy exchange by hand-mediated therapy involve the practitioner to restore, energize and equilibrate imbalances in the recipient's energy field or Meridian life capability. An energy system is organized for positive health and healing process. Nurses created and initiated therapeutic touch as a nursing intervention. Explanation of therapeutic touch about the principles of energy and energy field is a combination between a natural and scientific approach, including physical, psychosocial and spiritual. Therapeutic touch comprises all three elements, as well as energy, and the energy field balanced. The importance of the practitioner and the recipient is to make them calm, reduce tension and maintain peace throughout the treatment. Based on a review of the therapeutic touch literature, the good health outcomes are accelerated healing process and released physical symptom problems. Research has shown the positive effects on almost every body system.


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