Nursing Care for Patient with Multiple Drug Resistant Tuberculosis: A Case Study

  • Ampawan yuanjai Medicine and Psychiatric Nursing, Nursing Department, Siriraj hospital.
Keywords: multiple drug resistant tuberculosis, role of nursing care, nursing interventions


                Drug-resistant tuberculosis has increased leading to the development of therapeutic efficacy. Disinfectant treatment method with incorrect drug use or from chronic disease patients such as elderly patients, patients immunocompromised, etc. However, the lack of efficiency in the care of this patient caused additional treatment time and expenses. Therefore, nurses who have an important role need to have not only knowledge and understanding about drug-resistant tuberculosis, surveillance to prevent the spread of infection but also providing practical advice to promote health and well-being to reduce the severity of the disease and to monitor the progression of the disease. This article focuses on the nursing care of drug-resistant tuberculosis in terms of the nursing role in counseling, taking medication and adverse drug reactions, nutritional care, and social and economic support in the hospital, family and community.


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