Experiences of Determining Participation in Elderly Club Activities of Older People Living in Urban Areas: A Qualitative Study


  • Ausanee Wanchai Boromarajonani College of Nursing Buddhachinaraj
  • Nanta Piriyakunkit Mahanupap Health Center, Phitsanulok Municipality
  • Kunlaya Srimahunt Srimahunt Boromarajonani College of Nursing Ratchaburi


factors, determining participation, elder club, older people


           This phenomenological research aimed to explore the experience of determining participation in elderly club activities of older people living in the urban areas. The participants were 30 older people, both members and non-members of the elderly clubs living in Phitsanulok in 2018. Data were collected by using in-depth interviews. Data were analyzed by using the Giogi’s method.

           The results of the study showed that factors of determining participation in the activities could be categorized into 2 main factors: 1) persuasion of others including friends, health care providers, and family members, and 2) perceptions that it would be useful for themselves such as gaining knowledge for self-care, making friends, and having fun. Reasons of choosing not to participate in activities could be categorized into 2 main factors: 1) having responsibilities or routine work to do or taking care of family members, and 2) services from the club did not meet their needs, such as incomprehensive public relations, not providing a shuttle bus for members, and limited types of activities.

            The researchers have the following suggestions: 1) encourage elders and families to realize the importance of participating in social activities, 2) expand the area for activities of the club, and 3) increase the variety of activities, public relations channels, and facilitation of the shuttle bus for those who want to participate.


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