Hypertension: The Important Role of Nurse


  • Ratana Puengsema Faculty of Nursing, Saint Louis College.


hypertension, healthy lifestyle, role of nurse


         Hypertension is a main health problem around the world, and its prevalence is increasing day by day, mostly due to food consumption behaviors and unhealthy life styles. If clients cannot control their conditions, the complications could affect physical, psychosocial, and economic issues, as well as cause premature death. Clients with uncontrolled conditions are still high because of multiple factors including the clients themselves, health care providers, and health care systems. High blood pressure can be reduced by both pharmacological treatment and healthy lifestyle modifications. This article described the strategies of healthy lifestyle modifications in order to prevent hyptertension and decrease high blood pressure. There were nine ideal health behaviors noted as follows: 1) weight reduction, 2) dietary modification for health, 3) salt and sodium reduction in meals, 4) choosing drinks wisely, 5) quitting smoking, 6) regular physical activity, 7) stress reduction, 8) practicing meditation / mindfulness in daily life, and  9) avoid environmental toxicity.                      


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