Reduce of Road Accidents at Traffic Risk Points Nongjik District, Pattani Province


  • Angkana Wangthong โรงพยาบาลหนองจิก อำเภอหนองจิก จังหวัดปัตตานี
  • Anuchit Wangthong
  • Dararat Bunchaisuriya
  • Nuraini Lateh
  • Nimareenee Doloh


The reduce of road accidents, traffic risk points


This study is a participatory action research. The objective is to study the result of reducing the number of accidents at the risk road in Nong Chik District, Pattani Province. The samples were road traffic accident sufferers at area of ​​9 points risk of road hazard in Nong Chik District, Pattani Province. And come to receive the Accident-Emergency Department Nong Chik Hospital. Selected specific samples, number of samples in the fiscal year 2015-2017, respectively, as follows: 716, 688 and 422 persons. Data were collected according to the road accident data surveillance report form of the non-communicable disease control group Pattani Provincial Health Office Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, namely numbers and percentages. The results showed that most of the samples were male, 63.4%, 63.5 and 60.7% respectively. Most of the age, 42.5%, 45.8, 55.0% respectively are in the age range 15-29 years. The vehicles with the most accidents are motorcycles, 87.6%, 87.6%, 84.9% respectively. Not wearing a helmet while driving 47.2%, 34.4% and 48.6% respectively. The number of road accident among the sample at traffic risk points found that the number of road accidents decreases every year The most dangerous road risk points in the fiscal year 2015 and 2016, which were found at Sciences-Don School intersection, 108 (15.1%) and 100 (14.5%) respectively. But in the fiscal year 2017, the most dangerous road accidents were found at Don Yang-Palm Thai Pattana intersection, with 77 cases (18.2%) and the month of the most road accidents that found in the fiscal year 2015 and the fiscal year 2017 was October; 72 cases (10.1 percent), 44 cases (10.4 percent) in the fiscal year 2016 was September; 65 cases (9.5 percent), respectively. The conclusion of the study can come to define ways to prevent and reduce road accidents. In order to create effective road safety.


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