Development Process of Enhancing Health Literacy in Children’s Development among Parents in Nongjik District, Pattani Province


  • Halawatee Sanivee จิตเวชและสุขภาพจิต
  • Angkana Wangthong
  • Anuchit Wangthong


Health literacy, child development


This qualitative research aimed to study the situation and develop a process to enhance children’s development knowledge in Nong Chik District, Pattani Province using participation of family. The target group consisted of 20 pairs of parents or care givers and children aged 0-5 years who came to receive developmental services in the well child care clinic in Nong Chik Hospital, Pattani Province and 20 village health volunteers. This study was conducted between September, 2018 and March, 2019. The instrument consisted of as following; (1) questionnaire for personal data of samples (2) evaluation manual to assist preschool children with developmental problems (3) semi-structured interview forms for individuals and group discussions. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics; percent and average. The process of knowledge enhancement summarized into 6 steps: 1) access, 2) understand, 3) respond, exchange questions, 4) make decisions, 5) change behavior, and 6) tell. It was the channel of mutual learning in surveillance and promote child development After applying the process, it found that children had better development at 70 percent.


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