Working Happiness and Organizational Commitment among Personnels at Karbi Provincial Public Health Office


  • Pornpimon Rattanason Administration Officer Karbi Provincial Public Health Office


Working happiness, Organizational commitment


         The objectives of this survey research were to study the factors that contributed to working happiness, working happiness, organizational commitment, comparison between different positions and working happiness and organizational commitment, relationship of the factors that contributed to working happiness and working happiness, and  ecommendations to increase happiness. The study samples were 191 staff members in Karbi Public Health Office. Data were collected by a structured questionnaire, and analyzed by using descriptive statistics, analysis of variance (ANOVA), and Pearson’s product moment correlation. The results were as follows:
        The personnel at Karbi Provincial Public Health Office had factors that contribute to happiness in overall at high level. The happiness at work was found at moderate level, organizational commitment at high level. No statistically significant difference was observed for the different positions with working happiness and organizational commitment (p > 0.05). Factors: relations in the workplace (r = 0.669), support from supervisors (r = 0.645), quality of work life (r = 0.645), types of job (r = 0.576), physical environment (r = 0.476), core values (r = 0.473) and commander (r = 0.440) were statistically associated with working happiness (p <0.01) at moderate level. We should exercise while working, improve the office, bathroom and expand the work area, and create justice in the organization for staff.


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