Comparison of the Effectiveness of Reducing Pain Using Lubricating Gel with and without Lidocaine during Cystoscopy, Phatthalung Hospital


  • Chaiyoot Preecha Diploma Thai Board of Urologic Surgery, Department of Surgery Phatthalung Hospita


Lubricating gel with lidocaine, Plain lubricating gel, Cystoscopy, Pain, Pain


Cystoscopy is a necessary examination to the primary diagnosis of lower urinary tract diseases. However, the obstacle of cystoscopy is an occurrence of pain during operation. Hence, reducing pain during operation is concerning. The objective of this study was to compare the effects of reducing pain of using lubricating gel with and lidocaine during cystoscopy. In total, this clinical trial was conducted among 317 males who underwent cystoscopy between May and December 2020. The subjects were divided into 2 groups as follows; group I included 159 subjects underwent cystoscopy using lubricating gel without lidocaine, and group II 158 subjects underwent cystoscopy using lubricating gel with lidocaine. The pain scores were recorded using numerical rating scale (NRS). The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Chi-square test and Independent t-test. The results showed that pain scores were not different between groups (5.19 ± 1.11, 5.29 ± 1.06, p-value = 0.417). In conclusion, the effects of using lubricating gel with and without lidocaine during cystoscopy are not different in reducing pain. Therefore, an option of using lubricating gel with and without lidocaine is able to be performed during the medical procedure of cystoscopy.


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