Individual Counseling and Stress of Psychiatric Patient’s Caregivers

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Supawadee Disro
Jaturaporn Sangkool


This quasi-experimental research, one group pretest-posttest design aimed to compare the stress of psychotic in-patient caregivers after attending individual psychological counseling based on client-centered therapy. The data were collected among caregivers of psychotic patients who were diagnosed with psychotic disorders in Songklanagarind hospital between May 2017- September 2019. The data were collected from a self-report questionnaire including demographic information of caregivers and stress questionnaires. The data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and paired t-test. The results showed that 65 participants had the mean score of stress after attending individual psychological counseling was significantly decreased in all 4 components including 1) the relationship between caregivers and patients (p-value <0.001), 2) the emotional coping change (p-value <0.001), 3) the relationship between relative in their families (p-value = 0.040) and 4) the complications in various matters (p-value <0.001). The results suggested that the individual psychological counseling process should be provided to caregivers for decreasing their stress, which focuses on building relationships between the therapist and caregivers and promotes caregivers to have a good attitude and positive interaction with patients.

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