Health Promotion Campaign/Commun Development of Health Promotion Campaign Model with 2 Activities (Food and Exercise) by Community Participation for Solving of Obesity at Banklonghuayba Thungwa District, Satun Province

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Ekapol Hemmara


The objective of this participatory action research was to develop the ability among village health leaders and to develop model of health promotion campaign in dissolving obesity by community participation. The study samples were purposively selected and consisted of village health leaders, general informants, researcher and local researchers and village health members. The data were collected using documentary, in-depth interview, focus group, participatory observation, and individual nutritional registry. The qualitative data were analyzed using content analysis and the quantitative data were analyzed using paired t-test. Results found that 1) the method of developing the ability of village health leaders were knowledge sharing, communication and training on knowledge and skill of project writing and management 2) the development of health promoting campaign using PIRAB model consisted of P: having a network of village health club and sharing among groups, I: budget supported to build the sport area and project performance, R: established the village regulation in household, community and school, A: communicated by two way communication, B: analyzed and evaluated the health campaign activities by village health leaders. In addition, 3) the comparison of body mass index and waist circumference were significantly decreasing.

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Hemmara E. Health Promotion Campaign/Commun Development of Health Promotion Campaign Model with 2 Activities (Food and Exercise) by Community Participation for Solving of Obesity at Banklonghuayba Thungwa District, Satun Province. Health Sci J Thai [Internet]. 2021 Jun. 21 [cited 2024 Feb. 23];3(2):25-38. Available from:
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