Construct Model of Waste Management in Khok Chang, Thanto Sub-district, Thanto District, Yalal Province


  • Faisol Mahama Sirindhorn College of Public Health, Yala Province


Model, Waste Management, Model, Waste Management


This study aimed to construct a model waste management of the Khok Chang community. The key informants were 4 groups: 1) project leaders 2) co-project leaders 3) project members and 4) project mentors; totaling 22 people. The tools in this study were an interview guideline for a focus group. The data were collected from September 1, 2018, to January 30, 2019. The findings of content analysis showed that model waste management of the Khok Chang community consisted of the mechanism of community, establishment by the community, and integration process between government and communities. The model was as follows 1) community membership group 2) civil society forum 3) create partners with government in area 4) create participation processes and 5) create innovation. in waste management. The contextual factors were culture and religion in group and kinship society. The inputs factors were people or organizations both inside and outside the community. The process factors were a process of participation in activities and knowledge transfer, recommendations on community waste management patterns, and outcome factors. The findings suggested that the process should be organized for the community to understand and support the community to build a community management network. It should take into account the context of each area design of participation processes and learning processes in enabling community waste management.


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