Factors Associated with Suicidal Behavior among Individuals with Major Depressive Disorder


  • Attaya Thongtawat Department of Psychiatry, Phatthalung Hospital, Phatthalung Province




Suicidal behavior, individuals with major depressive disorder


Major depressive disorder is the leading cause of suicide. The purpose of this case-control study was to identify risk factors associated with suicidal behavior among individuals with major depressive disorder. Samples were individuals with the major depressive disorder who were diagnosed by psychiatrists (ICD-10: F32-F33), seeking care at Phatthalung hospital between October 2017 and September 2020. Subjects were divided into two groups such as cases and controls. The 37 cases were defined as individuals who were admitted due to attempted suicide (ICD-10: X60–X84) and were in a major depressive episode. The 144 controls were defined as an individual with a major depressive disorder who had not attempted suicide at the current episode. The ratio was 1: 4. The data were collected using medical records. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and multiple logistic regression. The result revealed that the factors as follows: duration of major depressive disorder treatment that ≥5 years (AOR = 5.16, 95%CI: 1.74-15.29), a previously attempted suicide (AOR = 17.15, 95%CI: 5.96-49.29) and comorbidity of mental disorders (AOR = 5.28, 95%CI: 1.76-15.85) were statistically associated with suicidal behavior among individuals with major depressive disorder. From the study, surveillance should be performed in patients with major depressive disorder who have such factors to reduce suicidal behavior.


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