Factors Predicting Quality of Life in Osteoarthritis Patients in Orthopedic Outpatient Department


  • Ananya Lalun Faculty of Nursing, Chaiyaphum Rajabhat University, Chaiyaphum, 36000, Thailand
  • Sureeporn Kruathanawit Chaiyaphum Hospital, Chaiyaphum, 36000, Thailand




factors predicting, Quality of life, Osteoarthritis patients


This research was conducted bycross-sectional descriptive research.The objectives are tostudy the level of violence and quality of life, and the predictive quality factor sof life in patients with osteoarthritis, ChaiyaphumHospital.The samples consisted of 138 patients. Research tool was questionnaire, is composed of 2 parts: demographic data and Knee Injury and employed theOsteoarthritis Outcome Score form to evaluate 5 different aspects, namely joint stiffness, pain, daily movement, movement in exercise other activities, and quality of life.Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was 0.88, and theMultiple regression analysiswas performed as a statistic. Thestudy demonstratesthe severity and quality of life of osteoarthritis patients with mobility in exercise and the other of activities were the most severe,followed by quality of lifeandthe variable with statistical significance inaffecting the quality of life, themovement in daily life and movement limitations during exercise and other activities of osteoarthritispatients.


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Author Biography

Ananya Lalun, Faculty of Nursing, Chaiyaphum Rajabhat University, Chaiyaphum, 36000, Thailand



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