Factors Associated with Stress and Anxiety among Teachers in Udon Thani Province after Becoming Endemic Disease of Covid-19

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Phitchayathida Phiewluang
Pokkamol Laoraksawong


This cross-sectional analytical study aimed to study the prevalence of stress, anxiety, and factors related to the situation of stress and anxiety among teachers in Udon Thani province after becoming an endemic disease of COVID-19. The study encompassed a sample of 1,180 teachers from Udon Thani province, selected through a stratified sampling approach. The data was collected by an online questionnaire via Google Forms from January to February 2023. Descriptive statistics and multiple logistic regression were employed to analyze the data. The results showed that teachers were stressed (20.25%) and anxious (26.53%). The factors related to stress and anxiety included females, teachers who had aged more than 50 years, status, monthly income, elderly members of a family, teachers who had been in quarantine due to COVID-19, working in opportunity extension schools, and had responsibilities besides teaching, underlying diseases, those with children, family members

who have been infected with COVID-19, and teachers who lectured in schools in municipal or city areas. These findings highlight the importance of organizations involved in education appropriately allocating staffing resources, training teaching technology skills for a senior teacher, and designing a specific approach for teachers with an underlying disease and lower income. Such measures are crucial for mitigating and alleviating stress and anxiety among teachers so that they can work efficiently.

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Phiewluang P, Laoraksawong P. Factors Associated with Stress and Anxiety among Teachers in Udon Thani Province after Becoming Endemic Disease of Covid-19. Health Sci J Thai [Internet]. 2024 Jun. 10 [cited 2024 Jul. 14];6(2):57-66. Available from: https://he02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/HSJT/article/view/265320
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