Revising the curriculum and teaching style to prepare marketers for the Thailand 4.0 era


  • Witawat Rungruangphon Department of Marketing Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University
  • Kritsadarat Wattanasuwan Department of Marketing Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University
  • Surat Teerakapibal Department of Marketing Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University


curriculum, marketing 4.0, Thailand 4.0, human resources


                The increasing roles of innovation and digital network as main drivers of business practices have led to the creation of new forms of businesses, replacing some conventional businesses. The Thai government has established policies in driving the economy towards the digital era under the Thailand 4.0 policy which puts emphasis on the use of innovation and technology to support business practices, as can be seen with other countries where governmental policies aim to support business practices with technology as well. Therefore, educational institutions which main duties lay in the preparation of talents to work in industries across both the public and private sectors need to adapt in order to comply with current situations. At present, there have been many changes to students’ behaviours from their ability to search for information in the digital world that is highly accessible as well as industries’ need’s with regards to talents joining their companies that have immensely changed from what they have previously expected of graduates.

                Thammasat Business School sees the changes in the business environment under the Thailand 4.0 context which relies heavily on the use of innovation and technology in business operation hence, the school have conducted a research on marketing in the 4.0 era in order to revise the marketing curriculum as well as teaching materials and methods to prepare marketers for working in the 4.0 era. 

                Two main aspects to adjust according to the research results are teaching strategies and marketing curriculum. Teaching strategies could be adjusted by putting lower emphasis on lecture based learning and lecturers should be experienced with working in the business sector and assume coaching roles while tailor teaching materials to be best suited with the audience and integrate learning across disciplines. The marketing curriculum, activities and learning environment could be adjusted to provide the audience with new perspectives and enhance a learning by doing approach.


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