Consumer contract protection mechanism Under The Consumer Protection Act, B.E. 2522, Amendment B.E. 2541


  • Viravat Chantachote Former faculty member of Faculty of Law, Thammasat University


unfairness in consumer contract, Consumer contract protection, Office of the Consumer Protection Board, Consumer Contract Committee


It has been a long while that Thailand have a consumer contract protection.  We has preventive measurements assigned to several type of consumer contract to protect consumers from unfairness in concluding contract with businesses, e.g. car and motorbike hire purchase, residential rental, fitness services, etc. However, it seems that such measurements have not gained a popularity since consumers could not have known in advance whether the contract they are going to enter is complied with the format and contents provided by law, until the contract had been signed and the disputes occurred later.  This article will identify problems of consumer contract protection, evolution and mechanism of current legal measurements and also the analysis in the inappropriate of such measurements. Lastly, some suggestions shall be provided to make a consumer-contract protection more efficient.


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