The Effect of Rueseedutton Exercise Postures on Nutritional Status and Quality of Life in Older People**

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Amornrat Natason
Phaksachiphon Khanthong
Ananya Dechakhamphu


This quasi-experimental study used a one-group pretest-posttest with repeated measures design, which aimed to examine the effect of “Rueseedutton” exercise postures on the nutritional status and quality of life of older persons. Purposive sampling was used to recruit a sample of 23 older persons who lived in Muang District, Ubonratchathani Province. The subjects performed the exercise with the 15 “Rueseedutton” postures regularly, three times per week, 60 minutes per day for over three months. The instruments used in this study were 1) the WHOQOL questionnaire, 2) a set of instruments to assess nutritional status with anthropometry, and 3) “Rueseedutton” exercise video. The nutritional status and quality of life were measured at baseline and after exercise at 1 and 3 months. Data were analyzed using descriptive
statistics and one-way repeated measures ANOVA. The results revealed that the body mass index, the thickness of fat under skin, the percentage of body fat, and the percentage of body mass were not significantly different over time. However, these values exhibited a desirable trend. In addition, the total quality of life was at a good level, and its mean score at three months after exercise was significantly better than that at baseline. Therefore, this study should be used as basic information for promoting exercise to enhance the quality of life of older people.


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Natason A, Khanthong P, Dechakhamphu A. The Effect of Rueseedutton Exercise Postures on Nutritional Status and Quality of Life in Older People**. Rama Nurs J [Internet]. 2020 May 7 [cited 2022 Sep. 28];26(1):90-106. Available from:
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Amornrat Natason, Ubon Ratchathani University

Adult nursing


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