Vol. 2 No. 4 (2020): October - December

ปก วารสารราชวิทยาลัจุฬาภรณ์ ปี2ฉบับ4


The period prior to the publication of this academic journal (Volume 2, Number 4, October-December 2020) was the time for collecting and reviewing academic articles which had been submitted for publication. Like other editions the journal has received assistance from experts in the various fields who make recommendations for improvements to academic articles.

During such time the journal editor was appointed “The Chairman of the National Reform Committee on Culture, Sports, Labor and Human Resources” and went on his new duties, which have provided opportunities to meet and exchange views with experienced people in a variety of professional fields to compile important matters according to the goal of building a strong Thai society. Using people and communities as a focus, the harmony of the body, mind, thoughts and abilities are considered to create opportunities for life in all ages. Within the context of the current situation, one must be ready for the rapid future changes as well.

By being able to attend discussions with various people, it makes sense that having a platform to share knowledge and experience is essential. This can be done in a variety of dimensions which this academic journal is one of other platforms for expressing authors’ knowledge and experiences.

This issue reflects various academic dimensions such as articles telling stories in the past, “Nine Decades of Radiology Thailand”; future teaching dimensions “Multidisciplinary Education Management”; stories related to social health dimensions “Development of Participatory Public Policy Through the Health Assembly Mechanism: the Issue of Managing a Not-ready Pregnancy.” There are also issues of health, “Novel Investigation and Management Options for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction Related to Dry Eye Disease,” and “Aspirin for the Primary Preventions of Cardiovascular Disease in Type 2 Diabetes,” etc..

Thank you all for creating and participating in enriching the papers for the Journal of Chulabhorn Royal Academy making it possible to march forward into the second year of publishing. As always, researchers and scholars are invited to use this platform for disseminating their body of knowledge.

Professor Nithi Mahanonda, M.D.

Chief Editor

Published: 2020-10-16

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