The Need for Faculty Development in Medical Education in Thai Medical Lecturers

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Pirawan Noosen
Suwannee Rangkrut


Objectives : To study 6 parts of the need in Medical Education of Thai Medical lecturers ; learning and teaching ,assessment and evaluation, educational quality assurance, educational research ,curriculum development and educational technology. 

Methods: The sample groups were medical lecturers in Medical schools, medical lecturers in pre-clinic and other hospitals in Thailand. 246 samples were collected with questionnaires analyzed by percentage, standard deviation and Pearson Correlation technique to study relation in personal factor with the need in medical study.

Results: The study found out that most of the sample groups aged 36-45 with less than 5 years experiences and most of them worked in medical schools and during the past 5 years they attended the medical development seminars once or twice with the need of medical lecturers in high level and the highest level in the need for educational technology.

Conclusions: Teaching experienced, individual need for medical faculty development, the learning patterns need for medical faculty and the period of time differed with statistical significance level 0.05, genders, ages and departments which were different to the personal need in medical education development did not differ with the statistical significance level 0.05.

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