The Comparison Study Between the Efficacy of Fresh Herbal Compression and Dried Herbal Compression in Patients with Neck and Back Pain: A Randomized Trial

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Suphawadee Tangchitchareon
Panitsupa Chuachang
Chaveewan Jaiveerawattana
Akadet Onsa-ard
Ueamphon Suwannatrai
Manmas Vannabhum
Pravit Akarasereenont


Objective: To compare the efficacy of freah herbal compression with dry herbal compression for treatment in Lom -Plai-Pata-Khad Sanyan 4 of neck/back – neck or upper back pain.   

Methods206 subjects were divided randomly to fresh hot herbal compress treatment group (N=103) and dry hot herbal compress treatment group (N=103). The hot herbal compressed was applied on neck and upper back 45 minutes, 3 times for 1 week (1st, 3rd and 5th day). The pain scores, numeric rating scale (NRS: 0-10) were recorded before - after and follow up in 14+2 day. The satisfaction were asked after 5th day.

Results:  The pain scores were reduced significantly difference before and after treatment both groups on 1st, 3rd and 5th day (p-value <0.001). The reducing pain, score reducing <2 levels showed no significant difference between fresh and dry hot herbal compress treatment. Mean differences of pain scores between fresh and dry hot herbal compress treatment on 1st, 3rd and 5th day were no significantly difference. The satisfaction result showed significant difference in smell, heat and soften of fresh hot herbal compress treatment.

Conclusion: The fresh or dry hot herbal compress can be used for reliving muscular pain in the Lom-Plai-Pata-Khad Sanyan 4 of neck/back or other muscular diseases that depended on convenience and usage properly.


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Tangchitchareon S, Chuachang P, Jaiveerawattana C, Onsa-ard A, Suwannatrai U, Vannabhum M, Akarasereenont P. The Comparison Study Between the Efficacy of Fresh Herbal Compression and Dried Herbal Compression in Patients with Neck and Back Pain: A Randomized Trial. Siriraj Med Bull [Internet]. 2022 Jan. 1 [cited 2023 Nov. 28];15(1):22-30. Available from:
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