An Effect of a Low Dose Aspirin on An Immediate Post- Operative Bleeding of Simple Tooth Extraction

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Somkiat Udompaiboonsuk
Kaidsarin Charoensangsuriya


Objectives: To determine the complete tooth socket hemostasis rate at 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minutes after tooth extraction and the hemostasis related complications in patients who are receiving aspirin within 24 hours after tooth extraction.

Materials & Methods: The prospective descriptive study was done in patients taking aspirin as antithrombotic agent who required a single tooth extraction. The tooth extraction was performed under local anesthesia without the aspirin holding. Hemostasis was obtained by gauze bitten over the tooth socket.  The outcome assessment was evaluated by observing the evidence of clinical bleeding in the socket area in 10 minute-time after extraction and every 5 minutes interval until 30 minutes after the extraction. However, the patients were requested to stay and reassessed any related complications within 1 hour. The follow up period was extended to 24 hours by phone as well.

Results: A total of 60 patients with mean age of 66.3 (43-80) years were included. The majority were molar teeth (51.7%)  and pulp necrosis (38.3%). The bleeding from tooth socket which was settled within 10 minute-time was 58.3%, within 15 minute-time was 83.3%, and within 20, 25, 30 minute-time were 98.3% equally. There was only one patient who detected blood oozing at tooth socket after 30 minutes. The hemostasis was completed within 5 minutes by suture technique.

Conclusion: The time dependent hemostasis rate of the tooth socket in patients who taking aspirin after tooth extraction was 58.3% within 10-minute interval and most of the patients’ hemostasis (98.3%) was achieved within 20 minutes, without re-bleeding or any other complications.

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Udompaiboonsuk S, Charoensangsuriya K. An Effect of a Low Dose Aspirin on An Immediate Post- Operative Bleeding of Simple Tooth Extraction. Siriraj Med Bull [Internet]. 2023 Jul. 1 [cited 2024 Jun. 14];16(3):197-205. Available from:
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