Physical Therapy For Patients After Hip Replacement Surgery

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Neeranuch Sintuvanone
Sirijit Rattanamusik
สราลี แสนวิเศษ


Hip injuries are common in orthopedic patients, especially the elderly. Pathology can occur for many reasons, including degenerative changes, ischemia of the femoral head, or an accidental fall. The hip joint is large and very important for supporting body weight. When a patient is injured, there will be a lot of pain in the hip joint, affecting the patient's ability to stand and walk, as well as limited movement as a result of being unable to do ADL, which can lead to bedridden status in some cases. Hip replacement surgery can alleviate pain and reduce hip joint problems. After hip replacement surgery, rehabilitation with physical therapy is necessary to help them return to daily activities as close to normal as possible. Physical therapists have a role in caring for patients before and after hip replacement surgery. Therefore, physical therapists should have knowledge and understanding in caring for hip replacement surgery patients, including contraindications and precautions after hip replacement surgery, to apply them in the efficient and safe care of surgical patients.


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