Long-term Care for the Dependent Elderly in the Community: The Nurse’s Role


  • ปาณิศา บุณยรัตกลิน Instructor, Community Health Nursing Branch, Srisavarindhira Thai Red Cross Institute of Nursing


long-term care, elderly, dependence in community, nurse's role


        One current social change in Thailand is that of an aging society. This issue involves the health problems and caring of the elderly, especially the increasing number of dependents who have difficulties in daily self-care and need long-term care. Nurses are public health staff who play an important role based on the general competencies of nurses in long-term care management for the elderly with dependence in the community such as the Caregiver, who needs to continuously assess the elderly with dependents for promoting self-help capabilities, proper disease management and evaluation of caring. Health Educators and Counsellors, Advocator, Manager, Coordinator and Collaborator, Leader and Researcher promote the long-term care among the elderly with dependents in the community for improving the quality of life of the elderly with dependents in the community. This article presents the needs of the elderly with dependents in the community, the form and goal of long-term care and the role of nursing competencies in long-term care for the elderly in the community. This is a good way to apply for long-term care for the elderly in the community and to provide academic information to those involved and those who are interested in it.






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