A Study of Good Governance of Head Nurses in General Hospitals

  • ขนิษฐา ศรีปิ่นแก้ว King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital
  • วาสินี วิเศษฤทธิ์ Faculty of Nursing. Chulalongkorn University
Keywords: good governance, head nurses, general hospital


            The objectives of this descriptive research were to study the good governance of head nurses in general hospitals and compare administration based on good governance principles classified by educational level, experience from patient ward management as a head nurse, department assignment, nursing administration training programs and level of general hospital service provision. The sample was composed of 365 head nurses in general hospitals who were selected by using the multi-stage sampling technique. The questionnaire was validated by a panel of five qualified experts who checked for content validity (CVI = 0.85). Reliability was tested by finding Cronbach’s alpha coefficient, which yielded a reliability value of .96. Data were statistically analyzed by frequency distribution, percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test statistics and one-way ANOVA.

            The findings can be summarized as follows:

            1. Overall administration the good governance principles of head nurses in general hospitals was found to be good (gif.latex?\bar{X} = 4.30, SD = 0.37). When individual aspects were considered, the responsibility was found to earn the highest mean score (gif.latex?\bar{X} = 4.45, SD = 0.40), followed by legal principles (gif.latex?\bar{X} = 4.44, SD = 0.44), participation (gif.latex?\bar{X} = 4.37, SD = 0.43), morality and ethics (gif.latex?\bar{X} = 4.35, SD = 0.37) and transparency (gif.latex?\bar{X} = 4.25, SD = 0.44).  Effectiveness had the lowest mean score (gif.latex?\bar{X} = 4.00, SD = 0.46).

           2. Head nurses at general hospitals with doctorate and master’s degrees had higher scores for administrative behaviors in compliance with good governance principles than head nurses with bachelor’s degree education levels. Head nurses at general hospitals with administrative time of 5 – 15 years were found to have better administration in line with good governance than head nurses with administrative time at 1 – 5 years with statistical significance at .05. Head nurses who received administrative training programs and worked in different settings with service provision administrated based on good governance with no difference with statistical significance at .05.


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