The Application of HR Scorecard to Human Resource Development Planning in New Era Nursing


  • Chanthana Thongsupachok Nursing Department Queen Savang Vadhana Memorial Hospital. The Thai Red Cross Society


                The Disruptive Technology of the modern world affects the economy, society, organizations, an the way of life of society, including the health system, especially for those working in the nursing profession. Therefore, executives and people involved with human resource management require knowledge and understanding of these technology-related changes, and human resource development planning needs suitable tools. The study found that the HR Scorecard is a tool that can be applied in nursing human resource planning.  The use of the HR scorecard consists of 7 steps: 1) Preparation 2)  Assessing the current state  3) Setting the target direction  4) Setting the goal  5)  Creating a strategic map  6)  Implementing  7)  Monitoring and reporting. The results from the HR Scorecard can be used to plan the development of modern human resources in nursing to prepare for changes in the future.


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