The Role of Community Nurse Practitioner in Diabetes Elderly Care


  • Manida Dechakul Department of Community Health Nursing, Srisavarindhira Thai Red Cross Institute of Nursing.


diabetes mellitus, elderly with diabetes mellitus, the role of community nurse practitioners


                Diabetes Mellitus is common disease among elderly patients, and both the incidence and severity of the disease are increasing. The major risk factors for the elderly with diabetes mellitus include food consumption behavior and unhealthy lifestyle, which can lead to obesity and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus in elderly individuals. Community nurse practitioners play an important role in the care of elderly patients with diabetes through health promotion, treatment, disease prevention and prevention of complications in these patients.  This article presents the role of the community nurse practitioner in integrating acquired specific knowledge about health care planning to promote healthy behaviors and reduce complications for elderly patients with diabetes mellitus.


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