The Development of Nutritional Care Ability Enhancing Program on Caregivers for Home-based Elderly Bed-Ridden Patients Receiving Nasogastric Tube Feeding


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caregiver's ability, nutritional status, elderly bed-ridden, nasogastric tube feeding


This developmental research study aims to develop a program to promote caregivers'
ability to manage nutritional status in elderly bed-ridden patients receiving nasogastric tube
feeding. using Orem's theory of nursing, theory of nutritional therapy and put the empirical
evidence into practice. The study consisted of two phases: Phase1: The development of the
program consists of three steps: 1) Reviewing and analyzing knowledge. 2) Evaluating
empirical evidence and the integration of knowledge into the process of enhancing the ability
of caregivers. Study of the principles of nutrition therapy and 3) Content validity examination
by three experts. Phase 2: Assessment of feasibility the experiment was conducted with the
eight nurses of the municipal health centers in one district.
The program was divided into four stages: 1) Assessment of the caregiver's ability.
2) The caregiver's nutritional care 3) Follow-up visits. and 4) Evaluation
The results of the content validity. found that the caregiver's promotion plan, assessment
of the caregiver's ability and the caregiver's promotion guide is technically correct. The program
is consistent with the objectives and the research framework. In addition, highly qualifed
guides were added in the manual. Storing food blends and the description of the explanation
is now clearer than before. The results of possibility of program adoption found that the
caregiver's ability assessment activities, nutrition educators and follow up can be easily
understood. However, some of the contents in the manual are diffcult to understand. Therefore,
the researchers revised some parts of the manual. Researchers have improved more easily.
Recommendations: It is recommended that program performance should be tested with
caregivers of elderly bed-ridden patients receiving nasogastric tube feeding prior to


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