Thai Journal of Anesthesiology is an official publication of The Royal College of Anesthesiologists of Thailand. Its primary purpose is to publish research articles or other academic manuscripts in order to promote and broaden anesthesia scholarship among its members and those who are interested.  Each article published in this jourmal is systematically reviewed by at least 2 relevant experts.

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Vol. 48 No. 4 (2022): October-December

Published: 2024-03-29

Kratom and Anesthesia

Somchai Amornyotin


A Randomized Control Trial of Hyoscine N-Butylbromide versus Lidocaine Pretreatment for Alleviating Pain on Propofol Injection

Peerapong Sangsungnern, Isarapong Kochhirun, Viriya Thincheelong, Nootchanart Phoesri, Saranyoo Nonphiaraj, Siwalai Sucher, Siwalai Sucher


Comparing Intraoperative End-Tidal Sevoflurane Concentration in Cirrhosis to Non-cirrhosis Patients Undergoing Open Hepatic Resection

Sahadol Poonyathawon, Kantinan Wuttisivachatkul, Amphapun Yoopongpitak, Kirada Apisutimaitri


Outcomes of Difficult Intubation in Emergency Condition Outside the Operating Room

Thadakorn Tantisarasart, Asamaporn Puetpaiboon, Maliwan Oofuvong, Pannawit Benjawaleemas, Nussara Dilokrattanaphichit, Wipharat Juthasantikul, Pannipa Phakam


General Anesthetic Precaution in Irreversible Electroporation

Pattharaporn Sombood, Warunee Buayam, Phongthara Vichitvejpaisal, Sasikorn Feinggumloon


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