Hemangioma ของรก

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Churaiorn Masmahisak, M.D.


Report of a pregnant woman, 29 years old, G4P3A0, was referred from Tayang Hospital to Pracho-mklao Hospital at 38 weeks gestation because of an abnormal finding in ultrasound that was suspicious for abnormal abdominal mass. Abdominal ultrasound a found placental mass and clinical diagnosis was placental hemangioma. Cesarean section was performed and found a big placental mass. The pathological diagnosis was placental hemangioma that was found in approximately 1% of pregnancies. Female baby weighs 3,390 grams, good Apgar score and no birth asphyxia.


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Churaiorn Masmahisak, M.D., กลุ่มงานพยาธิวิทยากายวิภาค โรงพยาบาลพระจอมเกล้า จังหวัดเพชรบุรี

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