Tension Wire Method : อีกวิธีของการผ่าตัดมัดฟันในภาวะกระดูกกรามหัก


  • Witoon Treesoontornrat, M.D. กลุ่มงานศัลยกรรม โรงพยาบาลนครปฐม


Establishment of occlusal relationship is very important in mandibular fracture treatment, whether in conservative or open policies. This achieves with intermaxillary fixation : IMF. Many surgeons use arch bars, some use acrylic splints method. The author offer another method of IMF, the Tension wire method, by drilling 6 miniscrews into both jaws at the points of interdental roots at midline points, between canine and first premolar in all quardrants, then the 24 gauge loop wire was twisted cross over each pair of the screws. This technique was used in 50 patients of mandibular fracture between Jan. 1998 to Dec. 1999. All patients healed without any complications and with best possible occlusal relationships.


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