The Effectiveness of the learning Program based on Self-Efficacy Theory on Oral Health Literacy Improvement of the Dental Public Health student of Sirindhorn College of Public Health Khon Kaen

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Oral Health Literacy Improvement of the Dental Public Health student, who will continue to work closely with the people, are very important, because they have responsibility to be a good role model and health educator to keep their oral hygiene. The aim of this study was to examine the effectiveness of Oral Health Literacy Improvement: Cognitive skill, Self-management skill and Decision skill based on Self-Efficacy Learning Program among 1st year Dental Public Health student of Sirindhorn College of Public Health Khon Kaen. This program consisted 53 students who received weekly activies: Vicarious Experience, Mastery Experience, Verbal Persuasion and Emotional Arousal. Paired Sample T-Test was used to compare the results of this learning program  with baseline measurements and eight weeks after implementation.  

The results revealed that the mean score of the Oral Health Literacy: Cognitive skill, Self-management skill and Decision skill were statistically significant difference between pre-test and post-test. The mean score of  post-test was  higher than the mean score of pre-test.  

These results have the important implications for lecturer in Dental Public Health Curriculum to add the learning activity based on Self-Efficacy Theory. For the practice modification on the good oral health status, the further research is needed to study the intervention program of the Oral Health Literacy Improvement based on Self-Efficacy or the other theory.   


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