Effects of Oral Health Care Promotion Program among Parents and Caregivers for Oral Health Care of Pre - school Children in Bankhamkaen Koon Child Development Center Muang Wan Sub-District, Namphong District, Khon Kaen Province

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          Many children have dental problems. About 60-90% of pre - school children have dental caries and acute gingivitis, and these diseases can lead to many lost teeth and high costs for dental treatment. This study used a quasi-experimental research design to evaluate the effectiveness of an 11-week oral health care promotion program based on the Protection Motivation Theory to improve the oral health care of pre–school children by parents and caregivers at the Bankhamkaenkoon Child Development Center , Muang Wan Sub-district, Namphong District, Khon Kaen Province. The participants were 60 parents and caregivers, who were divided into an experimental group (n=30) and a comparison group (n=30). The experimental group received the special health education program, which consisted of various different elements, such as video-assisted instruction, group discussions, modeling, and the provision of a hand book. Data were collected by questionnaires and analyzed by the use of descriptive statistics, including frequencies, percentages, means and standard deviations. Differences between the mean scores were analysed using independent and paired t-tests and by the calculation of 95% confidence intervals (95% CIs). Statistical significance was set at p-value <0.05.

          After the special health education program, the experimental group showed statistically significant improvements in mean scores for knowledge, perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived benefits and barriers, oral health care practices and dental plaque, and the mean scores on all these outcome variables were significantly better than those for the comparison group.


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