Family-Promoting Programme to Enhance Self-Management Ability in Older Persons with Knee Osteoarthritis and Its Impact on Fall Prevention

  • Threeraphan Janpeng คณะพยาบาลศาสตร์ มหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใหม่
  • Rangsiya Narin
  • Wilawan Tuanrat
Keywords: family-promoting programme, self-management, fall prevention, older person with knee osteoarthritis


Objective: To study impacts that a family-promoting programme for self-management, designed for older persons with knee osteoarthritis, could have on fall prevention
Design: One-group quasi-experimental research with a pretest and a posttest
Methodology: This study was conducted on 23 purposively sampled participants and their family members. They participated in a seven-week family-promoting programme designed to enhance the self-management ability in older persons suffering from knee osteoarthritis. The programme comprised self-management education and skill-building activities, to promote thigh muscle exercise, practice in using walking sticks, and environment management. The instruments for data collection consisted of 1) a demographic questionnaire; 2) the Thai fall risk assessment test (Thai-FRAT); and 3) the ‘Time-Up-And-Go Test’ (TUGT). The data, collected from January to March 2020, were analysed using descriptive statistics, the McNemar test, and the Wilcoxon
matched pairs signed-ranks test.
Results: A comparison of the participants’ pre- and post-intervention risk of fall showed a signifcant decrease in their fall risk, with 23 identifed as facing risk of fall before the experiment versus three after the experiment (p < .001). Before the programme, 65.20% and 34.80% of the participants were found to have moderate and low balance and walking ability, respectively. After the programme, signifcant improvement was evident, with high balance and walking ability found in 56.52%, moderate ability in 39.13%, and low ability in only 4.35% of the participants. It could be concluded that the participants’ balance and walking ability improved signifcantly after the experiment (z = -4.47, p < .001).
Recommendations: This programme can be applied as a community-level guideline to
support older persons with knee osteoarthritis and their family members to improve their selfmanagement ability in prevention of falls.



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