Role Performance of Advanced Practice Nurses in Thai Healthcare System

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Thitinut Akkadechanunt
Pikul Phornphibul
Ratanawadee Chontawan
Kornpapat Silapavit


This qualitative descriptive research aimed to describe role performance of APNs in Thai healthcare system and relating factors. Participants of the study consisted of 27 certified APNs from all specialty areas. These participants were representatives of APNs from all regions of Thailand. Qualitative data were collected by focus group discussions. Data were analyzed by using content analysis. The results revealed that: (1) Role performance as described by the
participants consisted of 9 roles. They were 1) providing direct care to the target population, 2) collaboration and coordination with multidisciplinary team, 3) educating and mentoring the target patients, 4) consultation, 5) quality control and assurance for the target population,
6) advocacy and ethical decision making, 7) implementing evidence-based practice, 8) outcome evaluation and management, and 9) improving care management system for the target population; (2) Factors relating to role performance of APN. Seven related factors as perceived by the participants were as follows: determination of APN roles and positions in the organizational structure, being ignored by administrators of the hospital, work overload and shortage of nurses, combine administrative task and APN roles, practice APN role by personal resource and time, not accountable for APN work, and role ambiguity. These findings can be used to improve utilization of certified advanced practice nurses. Further study should be conducted to develop model of APN utilization at all levels of healthcare system.


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Akkadechanunt, T., Phornphibul, P., Chontawan, R., & Silapavit, K. (2022). Role Performance of Advanced Practice Nurses in Thai Healthcare System. Thai Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Practice, 8(2), 105–121. Retrieved from
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