Duties of Authors

     1. Authors must ensure that the submitted manuscript is their original work which has not been previously published or considered for publication elsewhere. Data presented are true.

     2. All submissions shall precisely follow the instructions for authors.

     3. Citations of published articles are required and must be included in the reference list.

     4. Authors must disclose conflicts of interest.

     5. Authors must include a declaration statement of ethics committee approval and reference number. Clarification shall be included, where no declaration exists.

     6. Authors must inform any errors in their published manuscript to the Editor for retraction or withdrawal.


Duties of Reviewers

     1. Reviewers shall complete the review process within timeline and provide comments to the Editor for the disposition of the manuscript.

     2. Reviewers should identify important relevant published articles that have not been cited by the authors.

     3. Reviewers shall not disclose information or results from any manuscripts prior to its publication.

     4. Reviewers should decline the review request if the manuscript’s research area is not within their expertise.

     5. Reviewers should inform the Editor if they suspect that the manuscript contains duplicated works of other published articles.

     6. Reviewers shall have no conflicts of interest that could bias their opinions of the manuscript.


Duties of Editor

     1. The Editor recuses from the review process when a personal conflict of interest in the publication of a manuscript is relevant.

     2. The Editor shall select reviewers with relevant expertise.

     3. The Editor shall protect the identities of authors and reviewers throughout the review process.

     4. The Editor decides which of the articles submitted to the journal should be published.

     5. In case of plagiarism or duplicated works found during reviewing process, the Editor should contact the authors immediately to resolve the issue.