Published: 2021-11-22

Experience of Head Nurses in Administration based on OKRs Concepts

Mayuree Petkong, Nongnut Boonyoung, Prapaporn Chukumnerd


Lifelong Learning Competency of Nursing Students, Supporting and Obstacle Factors related to Lifelong Learning Competency Development

Sudsiri Hirunchunha, Sukanda Bunkong, Sasitorn Phumdoung, Nongnut Boonyoung, Hathairat Sangchan


Factors Related to Physical Activity Among Pregnant Women

Sureeporn Kritcharoen, Kanjanee Phon-In, Janpaphat Kruekaew Duenke, Mingkamon Uttasuradee


Effects of a Transtheoretical Model-Based Intervention on Stroke Prevention Behaviors among People at Risk in a Community of Nakhon Phanom Province, Thailand

Khunphitha Junsevg, Phensiri Dumrongpakapakorn, Amornrat Sangsaikaew, Arunrat Uthaisang, Wuttipong Cheumnok, Anatasak Panput


Development of Self-management Guidelines for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in the Semi-urban, Semi-rural Community

Piyanuch Phinyo, Kittipoom Phinyo, Khannistha Mahem, Chollathip Supapinij, Pantip Paungtai