Intraoperative Irrigation with Primary Anastomosis in Acute Left - Sided Colonic Obstruction at Nakhonpathom Hospital


  • Sunai Chanchay, M.D. กลุ่มงานศัลยกรรม โรงพยาบาลนครปฐม


During January 1992 to October 1996, 16 patients with acute left-sided colonic obstruction were operated in Nakhonpathom hospital by the reporter. The cause of obstruction was carcinoma in 15 patients and sigmoid volvurus in one patient. All patients underwent intraoperative colonic irrigation, resection and primary anastomosis. Duration of operative time and hospital stay was ranged from 90 to 210 minutes(152 ± 24 minutes) and 8 to 17 days (10 ± 2.0 days). There was no motality, however dehiscence occurred in one anastomosis which was low and difficult. The wound infection was disclosed in 2 patients (12.5%)

The results revealed that the Intraoperative colonic irrigation work well in such condition together with good patient selection and good surgical technique.


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