How do I submit my article?

Please submit your article online. Electronic submission substantially reduces the editorial processing and reviewing times and shortens overall publication times. Please click on "Make a submission" in SMJ website.

I have registered my profile but I have trouble logging in

1. Register with the same email address. 

2. Reset password. An email for password reset will be sent. Make sure that you check in Spam Mails and Junk Mails.

3. Contact the website technical administratives on Facebook: Thaijo 2.0

Do you check for plagiarisms?

We recommend that authors check similarities and plagiarism beforehand and submit the proof during the submission process. Otherwise, authors can contact SMJ Editorial Office for assistance > Send an email

Do you provide pre-submission language editing services?

SMJ does not provide language editing service. Authors are recommended to contact native speakers who are specialists in the area of the research you are submitting beforehand. Or, consult a Faculty of Arts/Language for contacts and references of their English professors. 

Do I have to use Microsoft Word when submitting the paper?

Yes. This applies to manuscript, diagrams and tables. Authors who submit those in PDF or in any picture file type may receive a recommendation from the Editorial Office to submit them again in Microsoft Word.

Can I have an extension on my revision deadline?

We can usually grant extensions for revision deadlines but this depends on the length of the extension required. If you need the extension to be longer than an additional month, we recommend withdrawing the paper and resubmitting it when you have been able to implement all the required changes.

If you require an extension, please notify handling Editor(s) and/or Journal Manager in the Discussion section of your submission page.