About the Journal

The Siriraj Medical Journal (SMJ) is an open access, double-blind peer-reviewed, monthly international journal that considers articles on biomedical sciences on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions.

Studies must be scientifically valid; for research articles this includes a scientifically sound research question, the use of suitable methods and analysis, and following community-agreed standards relevant to the research field.

Online ISSN 2228-8082


History of the Journal

The title of the journal (Siriraj) is well known in Thailand and the East Asia region as it is the name of the oldest and largest medical school in Thailand. It is named after Prince Siriraj Kakudhabhand, the king's 18-month-old son who died from dysentery a year before the hospital's opening. The medical school was established two years later in 1890.

Since 1948, the journal has been introduced to academia under the name "Siriraj Hospital Gazette". In 2007, the journal was converted into an English version and the title was changed to "Siriraj Medical Journal."


Partnerships and Societies

The Siriraj Medical Journal is now indexed in national and international databases for journals. It is indexed in Scopus, Thailand Citation Index Center (TCI), the ASEAN Citation Index (ACI) and EBSCO. The Siriraj Medical Journal is the official publication organ of the Gastroenterological Association of Thailand (GAT), Thai Association for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (TAGE), the International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists (IASGO), Thailand Chapter, and the International College of Surgeons (ICS) Thailand Section.

This journal is supported by the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University.


Publication costs

There is no article processing charge for any publication in the Siriraj Medical Journal (SMJ).


Peer review process
Independent researchers in the relevant research area assess submitted manuscripts for originality, validity and significance to help editors determine whether a manuscript should be published in their journal.

When a manuscript is submitted to a journal, it is assessed to see if it meets the criteria for submission. If it does, the editorial team will select external peer reviewers within the field of research to peer-review the manuscript and make recommendations.

Siriraj Medical Journal applies double-blind peer review process: the reviewers do not know the names of the authors, and the authors do not know who reviewed their manuscript.


Special Issues
All manuscripts submitted to SMJ Special Issues are assessed according to the journal’s standard editorial criteria and are subject to all of the standard Editorial Policies, including the Competing Interests policy. The content of the submission will also be assessed to ensure it lies within the scope of the Special Issue.