Scintigraphic Detection of Splenosis and Accessory Spleen by Using Tc-99m Labelled Denatured Red Blood Cells

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Apichaya Claimon
Napaporn Tojinda
Ninmanee Taweewatanasopon
Pornphit Boonkhon
Boontham Amornkitticharoen
Sirilak Wiriyaakradecha
Shanigarn Thiravit


Objective: To evaluate the usefulness of Tc-99m-labelled denatured red blood cell scintigraphy (DRBCS) in the detection of splenosis and accessory spleen.
Methods: This retrospective study reviewed 7 patients who were suspected of splenosis and accessory spleen during 2007-2014. Six patients had undergone total splenectomy before the DRBCS study. Multi-planar, SPECT and SPECT/CT images of DRBCS were reviewed by visual analysis. Image findings were correlated with other imaging modalities and clinical presentations at follow-up.
Results: DRBCSs were positive in 6 patients; 5 splenosis and 1 accessory spleen. A single lesion was detected in each patient. Locations were in splenic bed (5 patients) and in pelvic cavity (1 patient). Mean lesion size was 3.7 + 2.4 cm. SPECT or SPECT/CT imaging could eliminate false-negative results in 2 patients. Lesion uptake intensity
in 4 patients was higher than in the liver. Two patients had subsequently undergone resection of the lesions and pathological examinations confirmed the diagnosis of splenosis and accessory spleen. Sensitivity of DRBCS was comparable with other imaging modalities. However, DRBCS was more specific for the splenic tissue.
Conclusion: DRBCS is useful for the detection of splenosis and the accessory spleen. Detection sensitivity of DRBCS is better than ultrasonography(US). DRBCS is more specific to the splenic tissue, compared with US and CT. Furthermore, SPECT/CT imaging increases sensitivity, lesion localization and characterization. Clinical impact
of DRBCS is apparent including pre-surgical localization, elimination of additional follow-up imaging and invasive procedure.


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Claimon, A., Tojinda, N., Taweewatanasopon, N., Boonkhon, P., Amornkitticharoen, B., Wiriyaakradecha, S., & Thiravit, S. (2019). Scintigraphic Detection of Splenosis and Accessory Spleen by Using Tc-99m Labelled Denatured Red Blood Cells. Siriraj Medical Journal, 71(2), 143–149.
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