Derris Scandens Benth Extract Radiosensitizes HT-29 Colon Cancer Cells

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Arunee Hematulin
Kornkanok Ingkaninan
Nanteetip Limpeanchob
Daniel Sagan


Objective: To evaluate the radiosensitizing potential of Derris scandens extract in a human colon cancer cell model.
Methods: The radiosensitizing effect of D., scandens extract on human colon cancer cells (HT-29) and non-cancerous human retinal epithelial cells (RPE) was determined by cell survival and micronuclei analysis after irradiation. Cell cycle distribution was analyzed by a flow cytometer.
Results: D. scandens extract powerfully increases the radiosensitivity of HT-29 cells, but is less toxic and does not affect the radiosensitivity of RPE cells. Furthermore, the extract was found to reduce radiation-induced G2/M phase arrest in HT-29 cells, but not in RPE cells.
Conclusion: D., scandens extract may have potential as a radiosensitizer for cancer treatment.


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Hematulin, A. ., Ingkaninan, K. ., Limpeanchob, N. ., & Sagan, D. . (2020). Derris Scandens Benth Extract Radiosensitizes HT-29 Colon Cancer Cells. Siriraj Medical Journal, 63(3), 85–88. Retrieved from
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